Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What can I expect from you?


A.  Honesty, respect and a commitment to excellence… always. My creative thoughts, ideas and copywriting come to me holistically. I would describe myself as a perfectionistic copywriter who values quality over quantity. A high-quality business relationship, high-quality copy and high-quality results. I’m determined, and I don’t settle for mediocrity. I strive to get it right the first time and always make things better. I like to test and tweak my work to get the absolute best results possible.


You can expect my best copywriting for your project… and you can be assured of getting a striking sales message that hits the bull’s eye.


Q.  What kind of copywriting services do you offer?


A.  I provide direct-response and web content in the Natural Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Development industries.


Natural health includes: Alternative/holistic health and complimentary & alternative medicine (CAM); nutrition, diet & dietary supplements, fitness & exercise; yoga, kickboxing and martial arts. 

Self-help topics include: Business, leadership, inspirational, motivational and spiritual.  Go HERE to see a complete list of copywriting services that can take your business to a higher level of success.


Q.  What kind of clients do you work with?


A.  I prefer to work with small/medium size businesses that promote natural alternatives to health and wellness. This includes: nutraceutical and natural health multi-level marketing companies, health food stores, fitness centers, holistic health practitioners; yoga studios and martial arts schools, chiropractors, massage therapists and the like.      

I also work with business/life coaches, motivational speakers and self-help/personal development book publishers. With a strong background in natural health, self-improvement and holistic ways of living, I offer clients exceptional expertise in crafting effective marketing copy.


Q.  I have a tight deadline to meet.  Can you start my copywriting project right away?


A.  I always try to serve my clients to the best of my ability and timing is everything.  If I can meet your needs, consider it done. However, I will not jeopardize a current client’s trust, project deadline or copy quality when faced with this dilemma. Quality is more important to me than quantity and you can be assured of the same respect when we work together.


Q.  How long will it take to complete my project?


A.  There are too many unknowns to be able to answer that question here, as it depends on the scope and urgency of your project. I can give you a realistic time frame during your initial FREE Consultation. My goal is to meet or exceed your expectations by always having outstanding copy delivered to you on or before the due date. 


Q.  What if I want to make changes? 


A.  That’s not a problem. I welcome revisions because I want you to be completely happy and satisfied with the final copy. While I strive to provide superb copy that you’re happy with the first time around, I understand that that may not always happen. Just tell me what revisions you want me to make and consider it done. It’s that simple, easy and free. I will not charge you for revisions within the original scope of the project, as long as they are given to me within two (2) weeks of the first draft.  


Q.  Can you do web design or graphic design?


A.  My specialty is writing persuasive print and web copy that converts curious prospects into long-term customers. I would be happy to offer you some suggestions, but I don’t do graphic design, web design or web development. I can, however, connect you with top-notch colleagues of mine who offer those services.  


Q.  What do you charge for your copywriting and marketing services?


A.  There are too many unknowns to be able to answer that question here, as it depends on the scope and urgency of your project. My rates are affordable and within the normal range of professional copywriting fees.


I can give you a good faith estimate shortly after your initial FREE Consultation, once I understand exactly what your needs and goals are. It’s possible that your initial ideas regarding your most urgent project may not necessarily be the best strategy to bring you the best and quickest results. Why waste time and money on services you may not need?


Q.  How are you different than other professional copywriters? 


A.  My approach to copywriting is holistic because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 


I completed American Writers and Artists, Inc.  (AWAI) Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, as well as their Advanced Copywriting Training Intensive, Email Marketing, Health Marketing & Self-Help Marketing Programs.


I’m also a member of AWAI’s prestigious Circle of Success and The Professional Writers’ Alliance (International Association for Direct-Response Writers).


AWAI is the world’s leading publisher of direct-response copywriting, design and web writing programs. The Accelerated Copywriting Program is what many consider to be the best copywriting program there is. In fact, many prestigious companies hire only AWAI-trained copywriters.  Why?  Because an AWAI-trained copywriter knows more than 90% of the copywriters out there. That said, I bring knowledge of the core copywriting concepts and provide affordable excellence to every writing project I undertake. 


Q.  How do I go about hiring you?


A.  You can contact me by phone or email or go HERE with my personal guarantee of getting back to you within two (2) business days if you leave a message. Phone: 512.626.6216 Email:



If you’re not seeing the business growth and success you want with your current marketing plan and/or current copywriter, go HERE to see a list of my copywriting services and mission objectives with a results driven approach. 


Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish,

but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything. - Napoleon Hill





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